Hi, my name is Dimitris Chapizanis. But you can call me Chapi (Χάπι, it’s [hãpɪ] – not [tʃãpɪ] or [chapi]).

I come from Thessaloniki, Greece. I like travelling, big type fonts, coffee and those small details in life that tickle your chuckle muscle. I hold a diploma in chemical engineering and I am currently pursuing my Ph.D. degree at the Environmental Engineering Laboratory of the Department of Chemical Engineering at the Aristotle University. My research activities focus on atmospheric pollution, exposure assessment and environmental risk. My current work involves the development of an agent based model that determines personal exposure based on time-geography and concentration data derived by sensor technologies

I am a member of the European Youth Parliament, an international non-partisan educational project based on non-formal learning. I have participated and coordinated debate sessions on European Union matters (with an emphasis on topics tackling issues such as climate change, environmental policy and human rights) for students all around Europe.

I am a fan of open source programs and community based applications. I get excited with innovative yet affordable ideas that turn inspiration into action, helping people in need. I have a passion for design and in my spare time I draw and/or build things that appear on screens or paper.

dimchap.com is my creative hub, where I post work, photos, links and text. Apart from being a vessel for displaying projects, memories and experiences, the site itself is a testing ground for learning and experimenting with the WordPress platfrom, CSS, a bit of PHP and HTML. Since it is a constantly evolving work-in-progress, it may appear messy from time to time.

Enough about me, how have you been?


upon request.