When September ends. It was the 30th of September 1988 when Dimitris came to life after torturing his mother. As always though, every end has a start, so here I am, in my early twenties, all grown up.

I don’t look a thing like Jesus but I talk like a gentleman, trying to make my way through Chemical Engineering, a study field which i love and respect. My base is Greece, more precisely Thessaloniki, the city where i was born and raised.

Getting away with it isn’t always easy but it’s a charming challenge. I love music in every aspect of my life and as far as it concerns me, i humbly suggest you to do the same, always having in mind that it is our eyes that make the difference.

dimchap [dim-h-ap, ντιμχαπ] is my online alter-ego. It was born back in 1998 when I created my first e-mail account and needed a nickname.

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// Located in Thessaloniki, Greece.
// undergraduate student at the Department of Chemical Engineering, Engineering School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
// Member of the European Youth Parliament Greece
// Amateur photographer
// Amateur web designer
// simple guy flirting with creativity


> Voluntary work: European Youth Parliament (EYP)*
> Traveling
> Music
> Landscape (mostly) photography
> Logo design / visual identity (amateur’s approach)
> WordPress design & customisation (amateur’s approach)
> Concept art

(*) EYP is an unique organisation designed to actively engage young people in the moulding of their future society and to develop their competences. At the over 50 regional, national and international events a year in the 32 national committees, EYP reaches well over 20,000 young people annually. (eyp.org)


Official Curriculum Vitae (upon request)
Unofficial Curriculum Vitae (upon request)